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Community guidelines

KriticalHealth has taken this initiative to bring all the stakeholders of healthcare onto one platform. Amongst others, the platform also provides a community where participants can exchange their thoughts related to healthcare. For the exchanges to be fruitful and productive, participants are requested to abide by the following guidelines. KriticalHealth or its associates reserve the right to stop and delete any exchanges that do not conform to these guidelines. KriticalHealth also retains the right to block or remove participants who start or encourage discussions and posts thant do not conform to the guidelines.

  • All posts and discussions on the platform must be related to Healthcare only.
  • All the information provided about you is assumed to be real.
  • Post, testimonials and activities should adhere to professional etiquette.
  • It is an offence to share obscende materials or pornography on KriticalHealth's services.
  • Posts or discussions shall not lead to any unauthorized use of identities and presonal information of participants, mislead or misguide participants, or carry out fraudulent transsactions.
  • Do not use this as a platform to incite, hurt or harm other participants. The Platform shall not be used to carry out any activities that can affect the safety and well-being of other participants on the platform. The Platform shall not be used for any anti-social activities or activities that threaten the well-being of the citizens.
  • The platform shall not be used to spread malicious programs, viruses, or trojans of any kind.
  • All activities on the platform shall obey relevant information technology policies, laws and best practices.